I finally got around to building that bluetooth speaker I posted a while back. I also just ordered two more speakers from ebay that I forgot I bid on and won.  The parts list is listed here. 

Steps:  I wired up the main power through a potentiometer with a built in switch then to the led, amp, and bluetooth adapter.  The audio in was wired in parallel to the bluetooth output in the input of the amp.  the output of the amp was then connected to the speaker’s wires.  The potentiometer’s pins were connected straight the the amp’s pot pins to allow for volume control.  

I then cut out the speakers back and the back plate out of a piece of sheet steel.  Drilled the holes for the usb mounts, led, and the potentiometer.  Then hooked everything up, realized it wasn’t very loud, and then soldered some resistors to up the gain according to the sparkfun guide.